St. Louis Public Schools

The St. Louis Public Schools employ 130 teachers and support staff.  We have approximately 1,222 students in four buildings.  We have two elementary buildings, one middle school and one high school building.  The St. Louis Public Schools has a very caring staff, offer the latest in technology and our staff is constantly working to teach kids and prepare them to be leaders in society.  A close relationship continues to be maintained with the City of St. Louis as well as many other community groups throughout the St. Louis area and Gratiot County. 
St. Louis High School is located right next to beautiful Clapp Park and one block from Downtown St. Louis.  High School students have an open lunch period and many of them walk downtown to have a quick bite to eat during that time, supporting our local businesses.
St. Louis Public Schools
Superintendent Charles Schnetzler
113 East Saginaw Street
St. Louis, MI  48880
Phone:  989-681-2545
Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. when school in session
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